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My Magical dust

Project Founder/Author: Khurram Shahzad  – Pakistan

The worldwide project “My Magical Dust” involved 1500 schools and teachers over 50.000 students from 61 countries.

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Project summary:

The PBL project “My Magical Dust” aims to connect teachers & parents, school & communities for well-being of the students. This project highlights some of the major problems that pupils face every day but are often neglected. For instance, depression and anxiety in young age students and children are taking its toll, but the question is: how often do we actually pay attention to their mental health and well-being?

The project also teaches 1 of the 17 SDGs “Health & well-being” described in the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

The project allows students to demonstrate that they can have an impact on their communities if we educate them to solve real-life problems. The project consists of 3 tasks to be completed in 4 weeks and emphasizes Cosmology, a branch of Astronomy, with the aim to introduce the students the recent discovery of ’’the black hole’’ that will enable them to take their imagination beyond it.

Duration per week: 120-160 minutes

Topic(s): Careers in future, Role of technology in transformative world, Future industries, SDGs

Subjects: Language Arts, Health, Cosmology, Sociology

Skills:Empathy, communication, collaboration, problem solving, creativity/imagination, leadership, expression skills, social skills.

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Pedagogy:  Project-based learning

How to join “My Magical Dust” project?

Follow these steps to register for “My Magical Dust” worldwide project.
  1. 1. Register on the website and log in.
  2. 2. You will be redirected to “Dashbard”
  3. On dashboard fill out teacher and students’ forms (Fill teacher form and students form will appear. Fill one form for one student. Click “submit” for the next student form. After filling all students forms click “Finish Registration”)
  4. 3. You will be redirected to your profile.
  6. 4. On your profile click “Subscriptions”.
  7. 5. Click “SIGN UP” under “My Magical Dust”.
  8. 6.You can access project tasks from 20th October by going to “DASHBOARD” and then in “Projects”.
  9. 7. DASHBOARD can be accessed on 20th October by hovering on your name at the top of the website.