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Innovate your dreams - Phase iii

entrepreneurship in classrooms

Worldwide project

Welcome to Phase III of the worldwide project “Innovate Your Dreams”. In Phase I & II, approximately 2500 schools & teachers with 1,00,000 students from 94 countries were involved in the project.

No poverty

Innovate Your Dreams – Phase III

(Entrepreneurship and STEM-based careers)

The STEM-based PBL project, “Innovate Your Dreams” (Phase III) aims to teach entrepreneurship in schools. Teaching entrepreneurship helps to cultivate unique skills and makes learners think out of the box. Moreover, we believe that preparing students for creating more jobs through entrepreneurship is better than preparing them for getting a job.

The project aims to prepare students to solve the real-world problem; decline in jobs caused by economic instability worldwide. The project also taps into unrealized talents of the students. During the project, students can explore their hidden talent and potential.

The project also aims to teach STEM-based careers. We encourage teachers to involve more and more female students in this project to motivate them for choosing STEM and entrepreneurship as a career. Because STEM-based careers and entrepreneurship are male-dominated careers. The project also teaches SDG 1 “No poverty” by the United Nations.

The project is consists of four tasks and the project duration is six weeks.



Starting from Sunday 20th October 2019


Time required/week:

160-180 minutes



Project activities are designed for 7-16 year-old students.

Skills included:

Mathematical skills, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, research skill, leadership, resilience, futuristic/visionary thinking, Innovation/creativity/imagination, opportunity building, management skills, digital skills.

Learning outcomes:

1. Understanding entrepreneurship

2. Understanding Entrepreneurial Cycle (Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Selling)

3. Understanding profit/loss, assets and liabilities

4. Understanding Supply/Demand

5. Designing logo and brand name selection

6. Understanding STEM-based careers


 How to join “Innovate Your Dreams – Phase III” project?

Follow these steps to register for “Innovate Your Dreams – Phase III” worldwide project.
  1. 1. Register on the website and log in.
  2. 2. You will be redirected to “Dashbard”
  3. On dashboard fill out teacher and students’ forms (Fill teacher form and students form will appear. Fill one form for one student. Click “submit” for the next student form. After filling all students forms click “Finish Registration”)
  4. 3. You will be redirected to your profile.
  6. 4. On your profile click “Subscriptions”.
  7. 5. Click “SIGN UP” under “Innovate Your Dreams – Phase III”.
  8. 6.After completing all 5 requirements click the button below to access project tasks.